Camp for primary school students

During the one week break between semesters,  we organize the STORIES theme camp for primary school students in our organization.  Every day a story will be processed with the help of experiential education, drama, puppets,  movements and creative art. We believe that this break is an opportunity for children to detach from the daily routines. That’s why we offer a homelike atmoshere for new experiences, knowledge and the possibility to make new friends during activities that are exiting and relaxing as well.

If the weather conditions allow us these activities will be held in our pretious garden, and we also offer the opportunity  of afternoon nap, or helping out with the homework.

Waiting to meet you all curious, friendly and playful children, every day from 7.00 am. untill 8.00 pm. between 8-12 February!!!

Participation fee: 200 ron + food

Information:, 0745372676

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